Let’s Thank Steve Rieske

Over the past year, I’ve had the honor of working with Steve Rieske. Steve has consistently brought with him a clear sense of vision in his responsibilities as our Volunteer Coordinator. He demonstrates the mission of Global Connections by personally creating opportunities for connection and friendship with international friends. His family and relationships reflect the beauty of cultural exchange. And Steve happily invites others to observe and participate with him in spiritual community if they choose to do so. It has been a pleasure to work with Steve for this past year. I appreciate him as a friend and co-worker.

Steve Rieske has resigned from his position as Volunteer Coordinator in order to pursue his other work on staff with Brookside Church as of May 6. While Steve has been a helpful member of our team, he is choosing to focus his energy in other areas. We wish him well and look forward to our continued partnership and friendship with him. Let’s thank Steve together for his work with us.

If your congregation or other individual volunteers have questions regarding volunteer coordination and training, please contact me directly.

Steve Baney, Executive Director, Global Connections