What is Global Connections?

I’m frequently asked the question, “What is Global Connections?” It’s more of a who than a what. Let me give you a few examples from the last 30 days…
  • Mackenzie Nofziger shopped with friends at Franklin Park Mall
  • Kent and Amy Darr welcomed friends to a Christmas party
  • Kris Eridon hosted several movie nights
  • Don and Michelle Williams took friends to see the lights at the zoo
  • Loni Talarico exchanged gifts with a friend
  • Craig Magrum invited a friend to make cookies together
  • Wendy Jenkins hosted a weekly ladies quilting group
As Americans in Bowling Green, Ohio, we see great value added to our community because of the presence of international people. They come from countries all around the world and bring with them the beauty of language, culture, art, music, clothing, and expression. We are thankful that they are here in Bowling Green. And our desire is to make them feel welcome and at home so long as they stay.
We hope to connect through service and events, welcome international friends into our homes, learn about each other’s culture, and invite others to observe and participate in spiritual community if they desire. This is, in fact, our mission.
Who is Global Connections? It’s not a staff (although we have a great staff team). It’s not a board, or a partnership, or a business (although we have a wonderful board and partnership too). If you are one of our many volunteers, YOU are global connections. We are together.
Thanks for making global connections!
Steve Baney
Executive Director, Global Connections