Thanks for your interest in volunteering with Global Connections. As with any volunteer organization, there are some ways you can help right away, and there are other volunteer positions that require training. Let's start to get to know each other as we explore whether volunteering might be a good fit for you. Please take a moment to complete the form below.


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Global Connections has a four-part mission that guides our decisions and planning. Global Connections exists to:

  1. Connect with the International Community by serving you and providing cultural events for you to participate in.

  2. Make friends by inviting you into our homes.
  3. Learn about your culture while sharing aspects of ours.
  4. Invite you to observe or participate in our spiritual communities, if you choose to.

Let's explore each of these four aspects of our mission. The first part involves connecting through service and events. Which of the following services interest you the most?

Weekly English Classes

Monthly shopping trips

Furniture giveaway

Transportation to and from the airport

Something else

Which events interest you the most?

Cookouts (August)

Free Food and Furniture (August)

Barn Dance (September)

Halloween Party (October)

Thanksgiving Feast (November)

Migrant Farmers Picnic (July)

Something else

The second part of our mission, making friends by inviting them into our homes, is much more personal and less structured. What activities or hobbies to you currently enjoy with friends? (For example, watching movies, exercising, sewing, etc.)

Learning about one another's culture is the third part of our mission. How would you describe your culture (aspects of your culture include your home, language, holidays, art, values, clothing, food, etc.)

The fourth part of our mission is to invite others to observe or participate in spiritual community. Describe your spiritual community. Who leads it? How frequently do you gather with your spiritual community? What happens in that community? What sets it apart from other communities?