We’re so glad that you want to volunteer with Global Connections. You can complete a Volunteer Application. Or if you are a member of one of our partners, you can Host an Event.


Members of our partner organizations can volunteer to host events in their homes (or public gathering spaces). With enough advance notice, our staff will help you announce your event if it fits with our mission.

Global Connections has a four-part mission that guides our decisions and planning. Global Connections exists to:

  1. Connect with the International Community by serving and providing cultural events to participate in.

  2. Make friends by inviting them into our homes.
  3. Learn about each other's culture.
  4. Invite others to observe or participate in our spiritual communities, if they choose to.

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Because many of our international friends do not have their own transportation, we encourage our volunteers to offer rides for all events. Are you able to supply transportation for those who may need it?

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When is the deadline to signup for your event? We recommend no less than 2 days before the event.