“[Global Connections provides] a nice sense of community for international students.”

“Global Connections is doing a fabulous job of helping the students and in particular those who are new to Bowling Green and USA. Thank you!”

“Thank you very much for your work. It was really nice to feel welcome and get all this help and support from GC.”

“GC is a great organization. It gave me a lot of help and make my life in BG more wonderful. Thanks to all of you!”

“I think GC has international students’ needs in heart, which really helps us a lot especially when we first arrived.”

“GC people! Keep it up! You are doing great. Taking others troubles and helping others in making their life easier is a godly deed.”

“GC is the respectful and excellent organization. The organization has strong leader and good team. I wish you success. Thanks all volunteers.”

“I think GC has already covered all types of assistance for new students. I’m so grateful for the Global Connections team. I appreciate your help and time.”

“You guys are so generous and helpful. Have really made great friends during this time at BG whom I can cherish all my life.”

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