No More Room

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: There is no more room at the bowling alley. Only people who pre-registered on the Global Connections website can bowl. We requested additional lanes from the alley, but there are none available. If you did not pre-register, this means you can choose between two options.
1) You can enjoy spending time with friends at the bowling alley (watch only, without bowling).
2) Sarah Burchfield invites you to a Game Night at her apartment tonight at 480 Lehman Ave, apartment 117. Transportation will still be provided from the circular lot at the BGSU student union. Just be sure that your driver is going to Sarah’s apartment (not to the bowling alley).
Sarah Burchfield’s apartment
480 Lehman Ave
Apt 117
Please SHARE this video so our other international friends hear the news. Sorry for the change of plans. I wish we could all be together. But the bowling alley has run out of room!